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Uniting Investors With Today's Emerging Markets
Why Acquisition Equity
Comparing real estate to stock market investments, real estate is seen as carrying much less risk.  While the stock market fluctuates and falters, the real estate market is much less volatile.  The goal of investing in real estate is making as much money as possible while spending as little as possible.

We are currently in a nationwide buyer’s market, but not everyone is willing to make this commitment.  While savvy investors may see this economy as a prime opportunity to invest their money wisely, the individual consumer may not be so willing to take that risk, but everyone needs a place to live.  That leads us to the niche market of rental property investing – more specifically, apartment buildings.

But, why an apartment building over multiple rental properties?  While the idea of renting houses may seem appealing on the surface, think of it this way:  if you have sixteen houses to rent, you also have sixteen properties to maintain.  That’s sixteen roofs to repair, sixteen yards needing upkeep…not to mention the time you will need to travel between these locations.  Also, if a rental house sits vacant, that is one of sixteen mortgages not being paid and cutting into your profit.  

Let’s look at apartment buildings.  If you have one sixteen unit building, you have one roof to maintain and a single grounds needing upkeep.  If one unit is left unoccupied, there are still fifteen other units paying down that one and only mortgage.  It seems pretty clear which carries the least amount of risk with the greatest potential for profit.

One of the biggest deterrents in apartment property investing is the assumed responsibilities that face a landlord.  But, that is easily remedied by hiring a certified property manager to handle the daily responsibilities normally incurred by the landlord.  And, that is where Acquisition Equity comes in.

Acquisition Equity is in the business of making investments.  We purchase properties only in emerging markets with the greatest expectation of property appreciation.  We look for and acquire struggling properties in these markets to then fix and build upon the property’s value; therefore turning a better-than-average profit for our investors and to be used towards future real estate endeavors.  Acquisition Equity’s strength is in the analysis, and subsequent purchase, of these profitable properties and pairing them with reputable certified property managers.
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